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While utilizing the Navixy On-premise solution, you might come across occasional issues. These can stem from external factors, such as improper hardware setup, or from incorrect configuration and other software-related problems. Remember, no obstacle is insurmountable, and this section aims to guide you in troubleshooting the most prevalent scenarios.

Having a comprehensive grasp of the system architecture is vital for effective troubleshooting. When you possess knowledge about the specific functions assigned to each system component, their precise locations, operational mechanisms, and log storage, identifying and resolving issues becomes significantly more seamless and straightforward.

General information about system components is provided on the next page:

For detailed information on troubleshooting specific platform elements, see the other pages in this section:

By troubleshooting, you gain a significant edge when engaging with the platform. With a comprehensive understanding of the system's mechanics, you can administer and utilize the Navixy On-premise solution with optimal effectiveness.

If you encounter problems not covered in this section, please contact Navixy technical support at

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