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Help Center

Here you can find a collection of documents on our solutions, recommendations, and the most frequent questions, designed to help you get started with Navixy faster.

  • IoT Gateway

    Integrate effortlessly any IoT device with the Navixy platform to seamlessly receive secure, high-speed access to comprehensive data.

  • Admin Panel

    Find useful information on how to access the Navixy Admin Panel and the features available to you to serve your end-users.

  • On-Premise

    Discover the comprehensive guide to effortlessly install, upgrade, and maintain Navixy infrastructure deployed on your side.

  • Eco Fleet

    Learn how to leverage the platform for meticulous fuel consumption management, including fuelings and drains.

  • Expert Center

    Unlock the full potential of our product through the comprehensive how-to documentation, useful tips, and practical scenarios.

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