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Ubuntu 20+

This guide describes Navixy On-Premise platform installation using automated scripts.This type of installation is designed for and supported only on Ubuntu 20 and Ubuntu 22.

For other Linux distros, as well as for Windows servers, only manual installation is available. Please refer to the appropriate guides if your operating system differs from Ubuntu 20 or 22:

Install on Linux

Install on Windows

Checking prerequisites

First, you need to have the following before you start the installation:

  • A server (or servers) meeting all the Server hardware requirements

  • Registered domain names that you will use for your Navixy instance

  • Navixy software package and License key provided by the Navixy team

This automatic process will install all the software prerequisites listed in Server software document meaning that you don't need to install them yourself manually.

Wizards for installation and configuration

Script for automatic initial installation

Script for automatic configuration

Final steps

Now you can login to the admin panel using domain name you have specified during the installation. Default login is 'admin' and password is 'admin'. To make additional settings, you can run the Configuration wizard again and choose other options.

If you have any questions regarding the installation or configuration of the product, please contact Navixy technical support at

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