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Platform installation

This section provides detailed technical documentation on how to install and maintain Navixy On-Premise product. Navixy On-Premise deployment is suitable for customers who prefer to manage and maintain their own Navixy installation on their in-house or cloud servers. The installation package contains the latest software version.

đź’« Automatic installation

🗒️ Manual installation

⚙️ Distribution package

When installing and updating the platform, you will need a distribution package of the latest Navixy platform version. It is always available for download at the link below:

⬇️ Download Navixy platform distribution package

For Linux, use the following command to download the package:

wget --content-disposition

General notes about On-Premise

The Navixy platform On-Premise installation is performed by the customer's IT specialists according to the instructions on our website. The installation process is relatively simple and requires basic system administration skills. After installation, a free 14-day warranty period is provided for testing and integration. During this period, customers can receive support from Navixy's technical team on various aspects of the platform.

Installation process

Navixy On-Premise is designed for simple setup, usually taking 2 to 3 hours with little assistance required. It runs in a Linux or Windows based environment and usually does not require any specific additional software. The system is expandable and designed to run in a server virtualization environment, allowing for greater control and scalability of the service. Customers can control their database space by user plans settings and can use scalable database storages for larger projects.

Operating and maintenance

After the installation is complete, the customer is responsible for the security, availability, and overall management of the On-Premise software. Navixy On-Premise is updated several times per year, giving administrators the option to upgrade or continue using their current version of Navixy. The platform is not always kept up-to-date but can be updated upon request. All software updates are included in the subscription fee.

Warranty period

During the 14-day warranty period, customers can perform general tests and integrations with free support from Navixy. This includes assistance for IT administrators on starting, restarting, and stopping services, finding and reading platform logs, fine-tuning platform configuration, and implementing settings for specific tasks. Service managers can receive support for administration tools such as billing, user management, and support tools. Developers can also receive support on how to use APIs and plugins for custom integrations.

Software updates

Navixy on-premise is updated several times per year, and software updates are included in the subscription fee. This gives administrators the option of upgrading to the latest version of Navixy or continuing to use the current version. While the platform is not kept constantly up-to-date, customers can request a fresh build of the software from partners and update it themselves. The updates include brand-new functionality and improvements to previously existing features, as well as known bug fixes. This ensures that customers always have access to the latest features and technologies offered by Navixy.

System scalability

Navixy On-Premise products are optimized to run in server virtualization environments, providing IT administrators with greater control over the daily management of servers. This makes it possible to scale the service up without practical limits. Additionally, administrators can control their database space by adjusting user plans settings, such as data storage period value, and for larger projects, use scalable database storages. With Navixy On-Premise, businesses can enjoy a highly expandable system that meets their needs as they grow and expand their operations.

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