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Dockered update - Linux

Similar to any software, the Navixy platform necessitates regular updates to incorporate all the latest innovations and enhancements. While the PaaS version automatically handles this, On-premise instances require customers to request and install updates themselves.

For the Dockered version, the update process is simplified to the maximum extent, making it accessible even to those with basic system administration skills.

While the skill requirements may be low, it remains imperative to exercise utmost caution during the update process and diligently adhere to the instructions. This ensures that sensitive data is safeguarded from inadvertent damage.

Preparing for update

The basic configuration of the Dockered platform is in the .env file located in the /navixy-package directory. Open this file in a text editor and check the value specified for WORKDIR, which is the directory containing the platform's critical files: database and all service configs. It can be located either in /navixy-package directory itself (default value - ./work ), or in any other location on your server.

Once you have checked where the files are located, proceed with the update.

Update process

Step 1. Make sure you are in the /navixy-package directory and execute this command:

docker compose down

This will stop the currently running platform.

Step 2 - optional but recommended. Make a backup of .env file and WORKDIR directory.

Step 3. Unpack the new Navixy platform distribution package (where <PACKAGE_NAME> is the name of the file):

tar -zxvf <PACKAGE_NAME>.tar.gz

If you perform unpacking in the same location where the existing /navixy-package resides, this will overwrite the current platform files. However, the package does not contain .env file and ./work directory, so your data is not endangered.

Step 4. Place the .env file from the old directory to the newly unpacked /navixy-package. If it is already there, check its contents and make sure that domain(s) and other values are specified correctly.

Step 5. If the WORKDIR value is ./work, move the /work directory from old to new /navixy-package. If the work directory has a custom path, or if it is already in a new directory, skip this step.

Step 6. Make sure you are in the newly unpacked /navixy-package and run the following command:

docker compose up -d

This will launch a new version of the platform. All you have to do is wait.

Finishing the update

After successfully completing the above steps, you can delete the old /navixy-package directory if it has not been overwritten with the new one.

To verify the availability of your platform, access the Admin Panel and user interface. If all functions are operating properly, the update has been successfully implemented.

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