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Navixy allows you to create multiple accounts for your employees to access the admin panel. There are two user roles available to be used:

  1. Admin role: This role has the highest level of privileges in the admin panel. Users with admin role can access all features and settings of the platform, including user management, billing, and device management. There can only be 1 account (the main account) with this role per admin panel instance.

  2. Employee role: This role is designed for users who require limited access to the admin panel. Users with employee role can perform only specific tasks and have restricted access to certain features and settings.

When creating admin panel instances, it's important to know which role is suitable, based on the admin panel user's responsibilities and access needs. Employee roles should be given to users with limited responsibilities or access needs.

Employee role with limited rights

You can create additional user accounts that can access Navixy Admin panel with limited rights. It allows you to delegate the use of the Admin Panel to your employees with restricted access to sensitive information and critical actions. This feature can be useful for teams with multiple members, such as sales representatives and technical support specialists, who need access to the platform without granting them full administrator privileges.

The capabilities of this user role include:

  • Adding new users

  • Modifying data of current users

  • Adding new trackers

  • Cloning current trackers

  • Changing the owner of a tracker

  • Changing tracker data plan

  • Analyzing incoming data with the air console

Users accounts of this type are not allowed to:

  • Delete users

  • Remove trackers

  • Add, change, or delete plans

  • Change platform settings

To add an employee account with limited rights to your Navixy Admin Panel, please contact our customer success team.

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