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Navixy IoT Logic

Navixy has identified a common requirement among Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), system integrators, third-party developers, and device manufacturers for access to decoded data from devices to create custom solutions. To address this need, we are developing a new product called IoT Logic.

IoT Logic is a powerful data management tool that acts as a traffic manager for data, receiving information from devices connected to the platform, decoding, converting, and sending it in real-time to other platforms and services. It consists of four main components:

  • Data Source;

  • Data Enrichment Manager;

  • Output Stream Service;

  • Monitor.

With IoT Logic, you can receive data from different trackers registered on the platform and sending data using various methods like TCP/UDP, MQTT. The data is then decoded, and IoT Logic enriches it based on your instructions. You can choose which data to deliver to your server or app and give names to the parameters sent from IoT Logic. Once the data is enriched, you can specify multiple recipients to send it to, and the entire process happens in real-time.

IoT Logic provides several technical benefits to Telematics Solutions Integrators, application developers, and GPS vendor partners. It simplifies and accelerates application development by ensuring all data is uniform and easy to integrate. The flexible and intuitive Monitor allows for easy tracking and management of data streams. IoT Logic also enables working with streams instead of individual data sources, making it easier to manage and process large amounts of data. Additionally, IoT Logic allows for sending various parameters to different sources, providing greater flexibility and control over data management.

Take advantage of the power of IoT Logic to streamline your data management processes and accelerate your application development. Refer to the documentation in this section or Contact us to learn more about how IoT Logic can benefit your business.

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