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Restarting dockered instance

Restarting the Navixy dockered platform may become necessary in various troubleshooting and configuration scenarios.

To begin, you should create a list of the containers on your server, including both running and stopped ones. This can be accomplished using a command like the following:

docker ps -a

Output for this command is quite big and detailed, so you can shorten it like this:

docker ps -a --format "table {{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}"

This will return a list of containers and their uptime. To restart any of them, you need to run docker restart command and list the required containers. For example, to restart all three backend Java services, use this command:

docker restart navixy-standalone-api-1 navixy-standalone-sms-1 navixy-standalone-tcp-1

Alternatively, you can use docker compose restart command listing the required containers after it. In this case, the command does exactly the same thing.

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