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While utilizing the Navixy On-Premise platform, you may find it necessary to migrate individual services or the entire platform to another server. Typically, the decision to migrate is made when the performance of your current server is no longer sufficient or when you need to switch data centers.

This is a one-time operation that is not required frequently. If the server is initially deployed with future business growth in mind and the infrastructure is working stable, migration may not be necessary at all. However, as the experience of many customers shows, in various circumstances migration sometimes needs to be performed.

In this section, we will examine typical migration scenarios and provide guidance for a successful migration process.

Migration is a complex and critical task that requires a high level of expertise and caution from system administrators. As it involves working with live business data, any errors or oversights can have significant consequences for the organization. Therefore, it is essential to approach migration with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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