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Outputs management

Modern trackers offer outputs that facilitate the connection and management of diverse equipment, such as engines and alarms. Unlike inputs, outputs transmit signals and typically operate in two states: ON and OFF, without needing any setup. The number of available outputs varies based on the device's model. The platform's Outputs widget provides visibility into the current status of outputs.

Output's widget is greyed out

If your widget is greyed out

Please check that your device is online. Output management is only available to connected devices.

Controlling outputs

To block the engine or activate the alarm, you can adjust the state of the output through the platform. Before proceeding, ensure that your equipment is correctly connected to the output. Access the Tracking menu and navigate to the outputs widget, where you can select the desired output for modification.

Outputs management

In order to prevent accidental state changes – a confirmation window will appear.

Output's status didn't change

If your outputs status didn’t change please check the following parameters

  1. The device has a default password. Commands sent from the platform use default passwords, if passwords don’t match – the command will be ignored by the device

  2. Please check that the equipment is properly connected to the output.
       Note: some devices can have outputs disabled by default, in this case, please configure the device in its configuration software or via SMS commands

  3. Remote output control might be only supported over SMS. In this case please send the commands manually.

Stateless outputs

Some trackers have stateless outputs. Their peculiarity is that you cannot remotely see what such output’s status is. Since you can only send ON/OFF commands to it – widget looks a bit different

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