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Ways of device data accessing

Accessing device data in the Navixy system can provide telematics professionals with a more detailed and thorough analysis of their data. This can be particularly useful when seeking to identify patterns, diagnose issues, or fine-tune performance. In this document, we will explore the various ways in which raw device data can be accessed within the Navixy system. By utilizing the tools and techniques described here, you will be better equipped to optimize your telematics services and achieve the best possible outcomes for your customers.

Here are the options that you can use to retrieve raw device data:

  • AirConsole. You can monitor raw data received from a device in real time through the Air Console feature. Once you establish a connection with the device, the raw data will begin displaying in the console if the device is online and sending data. More information about how to use the Air console can be found here.

  • API. You can use our API call to retrieve parsed GPS data for a specific device. This call provides a list of GPS points and other sensor data directly from our database, which you can use for various purposes.

  • Database export. Navixy stores data from devices in the database and you can request our support team to export that data for you.

  • Logging data of a specific device. You can request our technical support team to collect logs of a particular device for a specific time period. Our team will then gather the logs and send them to you.

  • Raw data export in UI. You can use Raw data portlet in Devices and Settings section for extracting devices data in a conviniant CSV format.

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