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Navixy GIS packages compare

Navixy is compatible with nearly all geographic information services (GIS). If needed, we can also integrate it with a customer's specific GIS.

We offer two GIS packages: the "Basic GIS" and the "Premium GIS".

The Basic GIS Package allows you to use geocoding, route providers, and LBS/cell-ID features that are based on open-source and crowd-sourced data.

The Premium GIS Package grants access to paid databases, services, and maps. This package includes licensed Google Maps Services like all types of Google Maps (Google roadmap, Google satellite, Google hybrid), street view, forward geocoding (locating a place by name or address), and reverse geocoding (finding an address or place name using known coordinates). It also provides route provider services, traffic data, distance matrixes, and more. This package enhances your GPS-tracking service's quality and attractiveness.

Feel free to compare the two packages and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Google Maps (license)




OSRM, Progorod

Google, OSRM, Progorod

LBS / Cell-ID


Google, MLS

Route provider

OSRM, Progorod

Google, OSRM, Progorod

Street view





Google, Progorod

Distance matrix



X-GPS Tracker for Android

Available (basic version)

Available (full access)

X-GPS Monitor for Android 

Available (basic version)

Yes (full version)

X-GPS Tracker for iOS



X-GPS Monitor for iOS



Please contact our team to activate chosen GIS Package.

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