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Remote device management (OTA)

In order to configure IoT devices remotely, you need a system that can send commands to the devices over the network. This is where the Navixy IoT Gateway comes into play. The Gateway can act as a mediator, relaying configuration commands from your app to the devices. Here is a high-level overview of how this is implemented with Programmable macros and AirConsole.

Programmable macros

Programmable macros for remote device management are essentially sets of predefined commands or operations that can be sent to an IoT device in a single action. They provide a powerful tool for simplifying complex or common tasks, automating routines, and making remote device management more efficient.

  • Macro definition: Users or administrators define macros using a provided user interface. Each macro consists of one or more commands that the IoT device understands. These commands could be things like changing configuration settings, requesting status updates, triggering actions, or any other command the device is capable of executing. Macros can be named and saved for future use.

  • Variable support: Macros might support variables or parameters. For example, you might have a macro for setting the reporting interval of a device, with the actual interval as a parameter that is specified when the macro is used.

  • Conditional logic: More advanced systems might allow for conditional logic within a macro, such as sending different commands based on the current state of a device, the time of day, or other conditions.

  • Macro execution: When a user chooses to execute a macro, the command sequence is sent to the Navixy IoT Gateway. The Gateway then translates the macro into the appropriate protocol and sends the command sequence to the target device over the network.

  • Execution feedback: The device receives and executes the commands in the sequence. It might then send back a response for each command, such as an acknowledgment of receipt, a status update, or a confirmation of action. These responses are relayed back to the user interface through the Gateway, providing feedback on the execution of the macro.

  • Queue and retry: If a device is currently offline or out of network coverage, the Gateway might queue the command sequence and try to send it again later when the device is available. This ensures that commands are not lost and that devices can be managed even in unreliable network conditions.

The translated commands are sent from the Navixy IoT Gateway to the target IoT device. The method of delivery depends on the capabilities of the device and the requirements of the command. For example, it could be delivered over MQTT, UDP, TCP, HTTP, or even SMS.


AirConsole is a tool designed to facilitate direct interaction with devices in your IoT network. It's akin to a command line interface that allows software engineers, integration specialists, and other technical users to send commands directly to a device and receive responses in real-time. Here are some of the key features and functionalities of AirConsole:

  • Command sending: Users can manually input commands or instructions and send them directly to a chosen device. This is particularly useful for testing, diagnostics, and manual configuration, enabling users to trigger certain actions, change settings, or request specific data.

  • Real-time responses: As commands are executed by the devices, the responses are immediately displayed in the console. This provides users with instant feedback on the device's status and operation, including any error messages or data outputs.

  • Device selection: Depending on how it's implemented, the AirConsole may allow users to select and interact with different devices in the network, either one at a time or simultaneously.

  • Session logging: The console could log all command and response activity, providing a historical record of interactions with each device. This can be an invaluable resource for troubleshooting, auditing, and understanding device behavior over time.

The AirConsole is a powerful tool for managing and interacting with IoT devices over-the-air. It enables direct, real-time communication with devices and provides an invaluable resource for testing, troubleshooting, and optimizing your fleet of IoT devices.

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