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The Navixy AppLink is a communication suite housed within the Navixy IoT Gateway. It is architected to streamline real-time data exchange from the Navixy platform to a host of applications, both internal and external. The central function of Navixy AppLink is to channel the device data, processed in the IoT Gateway, to various applications in real time.

From a high-level vantage point, the AppLink functions as a data bridge. It facilitates the processing and transmission of device-generated data to the appropriate applications in real time, presenting it in a unified JSON format. This structured data format enhances interoperability and ease of integration with various applications.

The backbone of the Navixy AppLink's implementation is the MQTT protocol. MQTT, being a lightweight and efficient communication protocol, is designed keeping IoT applications in mind. It is therefore ideally suited for the real-time transmission of JSON formatted data from the Navixy platform to diverse applications.

Data transmission from the Navixy IoT Gateway to applications can occur through two methods:

  • MQTT over TCP: This serves as the standard mode of communication for MQTT. The client maintains a persistent network connection to the broker, making it optimal for reliable, low-latency communication. The protocol incorporates various quality of service (QoS) levels that dictate the handling of message delivery.

  • MQTT over SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security): To ensure secure transmission of MQTT messages, SSL/TLS can be used. This security protocol encrypts data during transmission, thus safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of MQTT messages traversing the network.

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